Fed Up with Throwaway

Stargazer Cast Iron was founded in 2015 by housewares designer Peter Huntley. After years of designing products for other companies, Huntley became disenchanted by the lack of quality and accountability present in modern goods manufactured overseas. In a time of unprecedented globalization, he saw more and more classic American brands compromising the principles that made them great, in order to cut costs and bolster the bottom line. It reached a tipping point when he went searching for a new skillet and discovered that, like so many other products, quality in cast iron cookware had been on the decline for decades. Fed up with the status quo, he set out to build a product and a company that could be held to a higher standard.

Humble Beginnings

Convinced people should have access to high quality, well designed cast iron at a reasonable price, Huntley set out to build something totally new to cast iron. In the summer of 2015, Six months, 21 designs and several prototypes after he began, he had designed the first Stargazer skillet.

Peter spent the rest of that summer in his garage producing Stargazer's first run of 250 skillets. Working sunrise to sunset, and often well into the night, he hand-sanded the castings to a smooth finish. He seasoned them in his home oven, boxed them on the dining room floor, and drove them, one compact carload at a time, to the local post office to ship.

Thriving on Principles

Today, tens of thousands of skillets later, Stargazer continues to grow, guided by the principles that we were founded on in  2015.

All of our products are American-made and of the highest quality available. We are transparent, honest and accessible to our customers. Finally, we employ sustainable production practices in order to minimize our environmental footprint.



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