Premium American-Made Cast Iron Cookware

Super slick. buttery smooth.


Stargazer cast iron skillet being crafted in the USA, showcasing high-quality American craftsmanship.

American-Made Quality

The whole process happens here, from raw materials to packaging and everything in between. We're making quality cast iron cookware we can stand behind with a lifetime warranty.

Close-up of Stargazer skillet with ergonomic handle and flared rim, highlighting modern design features.

Modern Design

We’ve replaced traditional pour spouts with a drip-free flared rim that allows for clean pouring from any angle. Our stay-cool handle stays cooler longer on the stove top, making handling easier (and safer).

Stargazer cast iron skillet with a smooth machined surface, ensuring non-stick performance and easy cleaning.

Smooth Surface

Stargazer skillets are smooth to the touch, naturally non-stick and easy to clean. Our proprietary micro-textured surface finish holds onto your seasoning, not your food. 

Featured Products

10.5-inch cast iron skillet by Stargazer - perfect for cooking meals for two.

This is our medium-size skillet, perfect when cooking for two, comparable to a vintage size #8.

12-inch cast iron skillet by Stargazer - ideal for family dinners and gatherings.

This is our large-size skillet, perfect for family dinners, comparable to a vintage size #10.

Alt Text: 13.5-inch cast iron braiser by Stargazer - versatile for slow cooking and roasting.

Introducing our 13.5-inch braiser. It features a wide base, shallow sloped sides and two short handles.

I've used lesser quality skillets over the years and this by far has been my favorite and it seems to get better with each use. If this is your first step into a high end cast iron skillet, don't hesitate, just do it.

Tyler E.

I have the 10.5-inch skillet and it performs very well. The 12-inch is no exception. These skillets are workhorses in my kitchen and they require minimal maintenance and seasoning.

James S.

The most beautiful pan in the world. The handle is amazing. It has not left our stovetop since I bought it.

Logan W.