12-Inch Cast Iron Skillet

Sale price$ 155.00
Finish: Seasoned

This is our large-size skillet, perfect for family dinners, comparable to a vintage size #10. The cooking surface is machined smooth for non-stick performance. The weight is optimized for the perfect balance of heat retention and ease of use. All Stargazer cookware is American-made and backed by our lifetime warranty.

We offer our cookware in two finishes: seasoned or bare. Our seasoned skillets have already been seasoned by us with two coats of our oil blend, made of canola, grapeseed and sunflower oil. Our bare skillets are dipped in mineral oil to protect them in transit. Just wash off the oil and season it however you like.

Dimensions & Weight

  • Rim diameter: 12.0 inches
  • Cooking surface diameter: 9.4 inches
  • Total length: 21.5 inches
  • Total height: 3.5 inches
  • Depth: 2.3 inches
  • Capacity: 3.4 quarts / 13.8 cups
  • Weight: 6.5 pounds

Customer Reviews

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Edward Vowell
Awesome 12" skillet with Bonus T-shirt information

I am a Veteran and I really appreciate the Military & Veteran discount. Thanks Stargazer! Ok, I am new to cast iron but I did a deep dive on which of the high quality & expensive cast iron skillets would be the best bang for the buck. This was before I knew of the 15% Veteran discount (icing on the cake), as it was a considerable gap for 2nd place! I was super tired of non-stick not lasting and obvious health issues. I purchased two (allegedly) extreme quality ceramic skillets from cusco online for about $180.00. After 4 months, eggs started sticking! This was it for me. Fantastic return policy got me my money back. I really did not know cast iron can be (if properly seasoned) non-stick forever. I do have one Lod-- cast iron and it is barely meh... as I don't have 10 years to wait for it to get close to Stargazer quality. I do have two Lodge cast iron bread pans that are great for my freshly milled homemade sourdough sandwich bread. I put 6 very light coats of Ghee on my Stargazer (Ghee is good health choice and has a flash point of 485 degrees F. Two or three times, I did not let it cool completely down (I cheated),but re-oiled after in got down to 150-200 F. I was worried that my heavy bacon press might cause sticking but it did not. That is a Hulisen from amiezone; whew, it barely fit inside the 12" Stargazer.
There is a youtube video of how Stargazer makes their skillets and it is very interesting, especially the washing machine full of stones that the skillets undergo.
Made in the USA!
Stargazer appreciates our Military Men & Women!
Great handle design, with tiny concave bottom and no bottom ring!
Works fine with glass top ranges!
I think it is the best and for considerably less moolah!
They even pay return shipping if you are unhappy after 45 days!
Free shipping!
Think of words that rhyme with MAX; AND THERE IS NO _ _ _ (you save)!
Bonus T-Shirt info:
At 6' and 160 LBS I am so glad I got a large. With most Tees I wear a medium. Stargazer says their hoodies are slim fitting but no mention of their Tees. So, please, one size up for Tees and Hoodies, your welcome!
Extra, Extra Bonus info for value conscious buyers!
Remember, Stargazer loves our Veterans and Military!
During Memorial Day Weekend they had a 30% off sale; with 15% off for everyone else.
I am guessing this may be repeated for Independence Day, or Veterans Day or Black Friday???
Ya can't go wrong with free return shipping (within 45 days)!
I am not affiliated with Stargazer in any way and rarely write reviews but I just had to do this review on such a great product by a USA Company!


Awesome pan love the quality, craftsmanship, and how well it cooks and remains non stick.


Received my skillet a week ago and was very impressed with it out of the box and have cooked in it every day since. It has been a great addition to my kitchen

Keith Bullard
Great modern classic

Very pleased with this project

Mitchell porter
Nice skillet

I collect many skillets to include Wagner, Griswold, Martin, field, smithey, Lancaster, lodge, etc. This stargazer has been one of my favorites of all I own. I really liked the option of being able to get it unfinished. I don't like seed oils and do everything in my power not to use them. I seasoned my bare skillet up in the oven a few times with pork lard from our hogs. After a few cooks of bacon, eggs, and fried potatoes she's slick as glass and easy to clean. I really like how the handle doesn't get as hot and I'd put this skillet on par with some of the best skillets I have. Thanks stargazer keep it up!

Nice upgrade from lodge

Owned a Lodge for years, no complaints. Curiosity got me to pickup a stargazer and I'm glad I did. The handles, and smoother surface are a big win.