Stargazer Cast Iron Has a New Headquarters!

Stargazer Cast Iron Has a New Headquarters!

Greetings, cast iron fans. We know it’s been awhile since we last checked in with you. Our team has been working hard to fulfill our current orders and cut down on our wait times for new orders, but we wanted to share this update with you. We have officially moved to our new headquarters in Allentown, PA, located in the Lehigh Valley region for those of you familiar with Pennsylvania. Our first headquarters in Cherry Hill, NJ served us well, but when it became clear that we needed to scale up, we needed a new location to meet our needs. Our 7,000 square-foot facility in Allentown certainly fits the bill!

Much, Much More Space

Our new location gives us plenty of floor space to house more equipment and more inventory to get us operating more efficiently. Towards the end of our time in Cherry Hill, it became tricky to navigate our warehouse floor, and we knew a change was in order. Our current space allows us to lay out all of our equipment in the proper orientation, making sure our operations are running as productively as possible. And, most importantly, it gives us plenty of extra space for more inventory, equipment, and team members as needed. When we decided to make the move, we wanted to secure a location that would not only fill our immediate needs, but also be large enough to accommodate growth. We believe we have found that.

New Team Members

After we made our move to Allentown, we were very fortunate to find some great new people to add to our team. They have helped us increase our skillet output thanks to their hard work and serious skills. What we do here is certainly a team effort, and we’re pleased with the way our new additions to the Stargazer crew have fit in so seamlessly and brought fresh eyes and new ideas to our process. We’re confident about what we can accomplish going forward.

Increased Output

As mentioned above, our move to a new facility along with our hiring of new team members and purchasing of new equipment was all done with one goal in mind: to get as many skillets as possible into our customers’ hand as quickly as possible. We are extremely grateful to our customers for their patience during our wait times for new orders. We’re cutting down on those wait times more and more each day, and we will soon get to the point where wait times are eliminated. It’s always been our goal to be able to ship new orders without delay, and our recent move has allowed us to take a huge step towards achieving that.

In addition to increased output for our 10.5-inch skillet, our new set-up will also help us in the release of new products. We know a lot of people have been asking for updates and sending us their new product suggestions, and we want you to know: we appreciate it! We are just as anxious as you to get skillets in other sizes as well as other cast iron cookware, and pretty soon we should have much more time to dedicate to new product development. We will be sure to keep everyone posted of our updates!

Coming Home

Our move to Allentown, PA is a homecoming of sorts for Stargazer Cast Iron as well. Two of our company founders grew up in Pennsylvania, and the three founders all met while attending college in the Lehigh Valley area (Go Leopards!). It’s nice to “return to our roots” so to speak, and we’re excited for what our new location has to offer for our future.

Here’s a short video with some footage we shot a few months ago, right before we moved in, to give you guys a brief look at our new facility. We’re still working on some repairs and upgrades to the building, so we’ll share more once we have everything complete.


Thanks so much for your continued patience and support! If you have any questions, comments or new product ideas, feel free to give us a shout in the comments. Happy cooking!

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