February 28, 2017 3 min read

Hello! We’ve had more than a few followers and customers asking about how and what the company has been doing lately, so we figure we’d take a little time to fill everyone in. Whether this is your first time encountering us or if you’re a long time follower, this update will give you a snapshot of where Stargazer Cast Iron is as of February 2017.


You may have already heard about this, but we recently partnered with a new foundry as it became clear that our previous one did not have the capacity to keep up with our increasing amount of orders. We were able to take our pattern for our 10.5-inch skillet (our first and currently only product) with us, and our new partner foundry is producing skillets with the same quality and detail as our previous one. You can read more about our foundry change HERE. There have been a few kinks to work out in the transition, but we are confident that this change will serve our company well going forward.



In addition to needing increased capacity from a partner foundry, we also realized we needed to increase in capacity ourselves. Because of this, we began looking at larger facilities where our business would have room to grow. With more space, we can have more equipment and more people, which gets our skillets in the hands of our customers quicker.  In a new facility, we will be much better equipped to keep up with our current flow of orders and will be set up to handle increases in orders that hopefully come in the future.

We hope to move into a new facility, likely in the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania, sometime in early March.


We will more than double our previous order output by purchasing additional equipment and hiring new, skilled team members. Each of our skillets undergoes hours of finishing treatment both by hand and by machine, and having additional resources available on both fronts will be a huge asset to us.


We have recently received word from our partner foundry that all the personnel changes have been sorted out on their end, and we are finally ready to be scheduled for full-scale production. We have been and are currently receiving small production batches as they become available, but in just a few short weeks, they will be all set up to provide us with as many skillets as we can handle.

This is a huge step forward for our company. We’re thrilled that we have so many great customers who have been patient with us during delays and have been willing to place orders for skillets with shipping dates a couple of months out. But we want to get to the point where we are able to ship all of our orders without delay.  No more waiting or pre-orders.

Everything we’ve mentioned above is going to help us get there sooner rather than later. We appreciate everyone who has stuck by us during our growing pains, and for anyone who was left disappointed about the wait time, we hope you’ll give us another chance once we’re up and running at full capacity.


Once we are caught up on orders and we have ample personnel and equipment dedicated to finishing, packaging and shipping our skillets, some of our team members who have been graciously lending their time to the production floor, will have much more time to dedicate to design and development of new products. We’ve heard all your suggestions. We know how many of you want those lids, those larger skillets, those Dutch ovens, and those grill pans. We’d love to make all of those things and then some! We don’t have an exact time frame yet, but we’d hope to be able to launch at least one or two new products sometime later this year. Stay tuned for updates!


To put it simply, we do this because we love cast iron. We want to show everyone how passionate we are about it by giving them the opportunity to cook in our skillet that we’ve spent countless hours designing to perfection. We want to make more products because we know that every person and every family has different cooking needs. We want to be a company that has ample inventory on hand, ready to deliver our cookware into the hands of our customers. We’re ready to grow, and we want to invite you along for the ride.

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