12-Inch Cast Iron Skillet

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Our 12 inch cast iron skillet was recently named to the prestigious Popular Mechanics Gear of the Year 2021 awards list for "Best Skillet". This is our large-size skillet, perfect for family dinners, comparable to a vintage size #10. Stargazer skillets have a satin-smooth interior that makes them naturally non-stick. We have optimized the weight (6.5 lbs) for the perfect balance of heat retention and ease of use. Our stay-cool handle stays cooler longer over any heat source and our drip-free flared rim makes leaky pour spouts a thing of the past. With an infinite warranty to back our American-made quality, this is the last 12 inch skillet you'll ever need.

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American-Made Cast Iron Skillet

Our cast iron skillet is made from domestically sourced iron and produced right here in the U.S. We pride ourselves on the quality of our skillet and guarantee that you can pass it on to your children after you no longer need it.

Seasoned for Cooking

If you want to start cooking as soon as you get your skillet, order the seasoned variant. Our seasoning is a blend of canola, grapeseed, and sunflower oils, and contains no animal products or GMOs. As soon as you unpack it, it’s ready to go.

Improved Balance and Heat Retention

Ask an experienced chef: what’s the main issue in using cast iron for cooking? 90% of the time they’ll tell you it’s the weight and heat retention. That’s why our 12 inch cast iron skillet is specifically designed for ease of use, finding the perfect balance between weight and heat retention.

Giving Back to the Community

Each time you purchase our 12 inch cast iron skillet, we will donate a part of the proceeds to a charity. At Stargazer, we believe in helping others and consider it is our mission to do what we can. Know that by buying our skillet, you are also reaching out a helping hand.


· Rim diameter: 12.0 inches
· Cooking surface diameter: 9.4 inches
· Total length: 21.5 inches
· Total height: 3.5 inches
· Depth (cooking surface to rim): 2.3 inches
· Capacity: 3.4 quarts (13.8 cups)

· Total weight: 6.5 pounds

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