Father's Day Gift Guide 2021

Father's Day Gift Guide 2021



Peter's Picks:

Klein Tools | Screwdriver Set

I've been happily using this exact set for about a decade now. It's a classic. Sure, I've got a whole bunch of power tools, fancy ratcheting drivers, multi-tools with all the different attachments, etc. but I still reach for these screwdrivers all the time. Every dad needs a durable, traditional screwdriver set and this Klein set is a solid option. $69 at homedepot.com.


American Giant | Highway Shirt

Some of you have seen photos of me in Stargazer's social posts or emails, so I don't need to tell you how fashionable I am. Take my word for it. This is a good looking shirt and your dad will look good in it. American Giant clothing is fashionable, comfortable and built to last. $124 at american-giant.com.


EarthQuaker Devices | Erupter Fuzz Pedal 

Does your dad play guitar? Maybe he has an electric guitar tucked away in the corner of his office because he said he was going to learn to play it like twenty years ago but never made it happen. He needs a fuzz pedal. Plug it in for instant Jimi Hendrix or Smashing Pumpkins (depending on your dad's age). Fine, probably not, but the couple chords he knows will sound awesome. $149 at reverb.com.


Bison | SoftPak Cooler Bag

Your dad probably already has a cooler but this one is better. It's lightweight and flexible, but durable. It's suited equally well to a day at the beach, camping in the mountains or just tailgating. Don't overthink it. $99 at bisoncoolers.com.


Harley-Davidson | 2021 Low Rider S

If you have like $20k burning a hole in your pocket, get your dad a Harley. I know when you ask him what he wants for Father's Day, he says something boring like, "I just want the love of my family." That's nonsense. My dad wants a Harley, your dad wants a Harley, all dads want a Harley. I personally own a Harley very similar to this one and it is my happy place. Help your dad find his happy place. $17,999 at harley-davidson.com.


Stu's Picks:

Griffin | Adventure Tool

Multitools are all the rage right now and the best one out there is The Griffin Adventure Tool from Griffin Pocket Tool. Made from high quality materials and boasting a range of tool features, this is the everyday carry tool your man deserves. He shouldn’t leave home without his Griffin Adventure Tool. $40 at griffinpockettool.com.


Tuff Possum Gear | Shackleton EDC Satchel

Tuff Possum Gear makes some of the best gear around and their Shackleton EDC Satchel is no exception. This shoulder bag is perfect for everything from daily office carry to backwoods adventures. Did I mention they’re handmade in the USA? $150 at tuffpossumgear.com.


ESEE | 6HM Fixed Blade Survival Knife

If you’re man is an outdoorsman, then he’ll love the ESEE6HM. The ESEE6HM is a new spin on the classic ESEE6 design. They’ve taken the super functional blade shape from the ESEE6 and added an incredibly comfortable and functional broomstick handle. I’m speaking from experience when I say, buy it. $129 at amazon.com.


Rick Hinderer Investigator Pen


Hinderer Knives | Investigator Pen

These American-made pens are the perfect EDC pen. Machined from a selection of high quality materials and colored to taste, there's a right option for everyone. These pens are refillable and will last a lifetime. $55 at rickhindererknives.com.


Hanks by Hank | Vader and his Henchmen Double Sided Handkerchief

This classic piece of men’s apparel is making a comeback. Hanks by Hank are handmade in the USA and have a wide selection of patterns to choose from. Next time you're watching a tear jerker, he’ll have something to hand you to dry your eyes (or his). $22 at hanksbyhank.bigcartel.com.


Leah's Picks:

JerkyGent | Craft Jerky Gift Box

I wouldn't be mad about a jerky gift box showing up at my house and neither will your dad. He probably thinks beef jerky is too expensive, so this is the perfect gift he'd never buy himself. If you're feeling super generous, you can sign him up for a 3 or 6 month subscription as well. $65 at jerkygent.com.


Belmont Peanuts | Best-Sellers 6-Pack Sampler

My husband picked up some of these nuts at a local store and insisted I try them because they were "SO GOOD" and he was right, they were pretty great. This collection of their best sellers is sure to be a hit and it won't be long until you find your husband snacking on them. $48 at belmontpeanuts.com.


Secret Aardvark | Habanero Hot Sauce

No Father's Day is complete without some hot sauce! If your man is still using Tabasco sauce then it's time for an upgrade. This Secret Aardvark hot sauce has been vetted by two of us here on the Stargazer team and it's guaranteed to spice things up a bit. $20 at secretaardvark.com.


Camp Craft Cocktail | Bourbon Bundle

You have to think outside the box for the dad that has everything and these Camp Craft Cocktail kits should get the job done. They've got bundles for vodka, gin, rum, tequila and bourbon, so as long as your know their alcohol preference, choosing one shouldn't be hard. $125 at campcraftcocktails.com.


Terrane Glass Co | No 12 Rocks Glass

Please excuse me as I'm officially drooling over this barware. Have you ever seen anything so...beautiful?! It's weird to call barware beautiful but, really, these pieces are showstoppers. Never mind the set you picked up at Marshalls, dad deserves better. $40 at terraneglass.com.


Stargazer Cast Iron | 10.5-Inch Skillet

Last, but certainly not least, is of course, a Stargazer skillet. If dad doesn't have one of these already it's officially time to upgrade his cast iron game. Even if he didn't ask for it, trust us, he wants one. $115 at stargazercastiron.com.


With options from $20 to $20,000 and everything in between, there's something for every dad on this list. If you're having a hard time deciding, we'd say go with the skillet.

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